Heroes Inc Guide

Welcome to Heroes Inc, this is a small and simple game for casual players to enjoy while they are on a break from the real world. The goal of Heroes Inc is to experiment and discover new and exciting heroes, so please don’t go around telling people that this game no good because it lacks action or tell us that it needs action. (lol)

First things first, getting familiar with the game UI from top to bottom and left to right. The picture that looks like a stack of cash is your Hero Bucks, and the numbers right of the image indicates how much Hero Bucks you have. Hero Bucks is used for recruiting people, modifying your recruits, training your heroes, and purchasing some buffs and materials from the shop.

The next image that looks like a green crystal is your Heroic Crystals and the numbers right of the image indicates how much Heroic Crystals you have. Heroic Crystals are used for upgrading your Recruitment Room, Metagen Lab, and Training Room. The upgrade room button is found below the Hero Bucks with a image of a hammer. Heroic Crystals can also be used to buy buffs from the shop. To get Heroic Crystals, you will have to go on a exploration trip when a pink portal appears on the top right corner right below your settings. Killing monsters will also give you the chance to earn crystals.

The next button with the image of a happy cheering person is your Hero Roster, here you can check your hero stats and give your heroes a promotion. The stats of Heroes that ranks up will be reset and it’s maximum capacity is increased.

In order to rank up your heroes, you need to train them in the training room. When your heroes have enough “Power” and “Fans” you can rank them up here.


Class C: 100 fans, 200 attack power

Class B: 1,000 fans, 400 attack power

Class A: 10,000 fans, 600 attack power

Class S: 100,000 fans, 800 attack power

The next button of a bag is where you can check on all the Materials Inventory. Materials are divided mainly into Primary and Secondary. There are 3 tiers of primary materials. These are used as the “base” for hero creation. Secondary materials can never create a hero on their own. Read it’s description to get an idea of what it does. 

Primary Tier 1 Materials Primary Tier 2 Materials Primary Tier 3 Materials Secondary Materials
Cringey insect leg Glittering dust Long fangs Morphic Viridarium
Mossy rock Stormstone Demonic eye Arcanite
Grasshopper head SSHDD Doomstone Einsteinium
Wiggling Worm Grey Matter Copier Powder Technogen
Black Carapace Emberstone Imbued Raindrop Hyperus
Leech Shuriken Shadow Essence Dextresium
Canine tooth Isotope M90 Metal Figure Xenogen
Snout Feathers Magic Mushroom Halominium
Marsupial Claw Torn Wings Serpent Tail Sinistranium
Dragonfly head Thermavoid Book of Puns Unstable Irradium
Armor plate Chromantium Cardboard Cylinder
Small fangs Demonic Heart Conspicuous Mark
Pincer Isotope X01 Fake Beard
Jellyfish sting Alien brain Funnel
Infected scales Terrarium Unidentified Glob
Sataed Feet Vibracium Blades
Blue Nudibranch Flash powder Pawn
Shark fin Mind gem Troll
Spotted fur Starplasm Jester Hat
Small wingspan Tentacle Bundle of pens
Venus flytrap Diamond shard Tusk
Smelly Petal G string Egg Shell
Bristles Mysterious shard Pungent Fishnet
Eel Scale Momentium Movie Script
Mantis Claws Red squeaky nose Saddle
Venomous tail Yellow sponge Sabre
Rodent ears Spectrum stone Ladle
Mongoose glands Blood soaked cloth Banana Skin
Honeycomb Slimy skin Broken Chips
Pulsing clay Writhing wood Demon Mask
Metal Tray Voidcium Beer
Kernel Demi stone Tiny Oval Egg
Wild Stalk Black hair Bag of Wind
Steroids Depressium Adapter
Boombox Tomato Empty Stapler
Fish Head Potato Cocoa Bean
Bucket Rotator Thermometer Router
Necronomiconus Cable Berry Seed
Sliced Potato Omnispark Vacuum Part
Magical Horn Shadow stone

Special Fruit

Settings where you can turn on or off the sound or music, check what heroes you have discovered, check what materials you have discovered, check on your achievements, check out the credits, and a button for you to type in super secret codes. (If you want a secret code, here’s one: type in SCREDDIT)


Now in the middle of the screen is the room that you are currently in. If you do not know what room you are in, the name of the room is on the top left corner below your Hero Bucks. Any important things or person that you can interact with in the room is marked with a bobbing red arrow. Lastly, the bottom 5 buttons from left to right in order are Recruitment Room, Metagen Lab, Control Room, Training Room, and the Shop.

Recruitment Room. In the Recruitment Room, you will have recruiter agents that helps you find willing people to be modified into heroes. Upgrading Recruitment Room will allow you to have different recruiter agents and they can help you look for better recruits. You need Hero Bucks to do initial search for recruit and some more Hero Bucks to actually recruit the recruits. With better recruits they will start with better stats when they become a hero.

Metagen Lab. This is where you turn your recruits that you have recruited from the Recruitment Room into heroes.

To create a tier 1 hero, you will need a recruit and a single tier 1 primary material. 

To create a tier 2 hero, upgrade the Metagen Lab to level 2 this will allow you to insert a recruit, a single tier 2 primary material and a single secondary material.

To create a tier 3 hero, upgrade the Metagen Lab to level 3 this will allow you to insert a single recruit, a single tier 3 primary material and two secondary material.

For every material you put into the modifying tube it will get more expensive to modify the recruit.

Control Room. This is where you can deploy your heroes into the warzone where your heroes will fight monsters attacking Terrapolis. All your created superheroes will be in the area fighting the same monster. Keep in mind that as your heroes collective attack power gets higher the monsters gets stronger. With stronger monsters they drop higher tier materials and hero bucks.

Tapping the monster fires missles from base, so you can help your heroes fight too.

Training Room. This is the room where you can train your heroes, and training heroes requires Hero Bucks. Upgrading Training Room will allow you to have different trainers so they can give your heroes more intense training with will result in better growth.

Shop Shaddy. He can provide you with some buffs to your heroes for the price of either some hero bucks, precious heroic crystals or some good old USD.


That will be all for our most basic game guide. If you need further clarification, feel free to email us.